Love The Way You Look

Floor 3

Come shop with us. BLU'S. We'll be smiling and waiting for you. 

BLU'S started in the late 1970s as two racks in the back corner of Henry Singer's in downtown Edmonton. It was the female counterpart to a men's store. By 1981 BLU'S was popular enough to thrive in it's own location and moved to a small shop on 104th Street in Edmonton. In 1983 it was purchased by John and Jennifer Leavitt who continue to run BLU'S today and have since grown that original boutique to four bustling locations across Alberta.

We've been styling women across Western Canada for 30 years. We were there for the first interview, the wedding's, the return from maternity leaves, the promotions and retirement parties. Does that date us? But they say 30 is the new 20 so we are still the ones to style you throughout the different phases of your life. 

Blu's, 3rd Floor Bankers Hall.